Liam Wiesenberger

The Cloud Rendered in Water & Blood

There is something duplicitous about our idea of “the cloud”. The Cloud Rendered in Water & Blood grounds the ephemeral metaphor of “the cloud” in the very real physical infrastructure and labor that makes it possible. We think of our digital data and processes as decentralized and vaporous, but they are created and maintained by very tangible submarine cables, data centers, human workers, and natural resources. This piece is heavily inspired by concepts explored in Tung Hui-Hu’s A Prehistory of the Cloud.

Artist Bio

Liam Wiesenberger is a German-American designer, dancer, and artist based in Brooklyn. His tech background informs how he views people and the spaces they inhabit. He explores the mediums of embroidery, spray paint stenciling, and coding with APIs, primarily uncovering topics of love and loss.