Hayden Stern


Remediation explores the isolated, labor-intensive, and invisibilized way the Disabled body moves through physical space. I crochet into physical elements in the rooms I am in. Once I have reached my physical limit crocheting, I unravel the textile, leaving no evidence of my handiwork. I represent my daily experience of engaging in intense, invisible labor to arrive at locations others reach with ease. Soundtrack is my own composition and recording.

Artist Bio

I am an artist living and working in Seattle, WA exploring the social and sensory experiences of Disabled embodiment. I use video, fiber modalities, and sound to create bodies - bodies that, like mine, experience pain, receive comfort, and explore alternate realities. I move in and out of representational work, mirroring the ways my own marginalized body moves in and out of recognition as human. I draw on Alison Kafer’s concept of “crip time”, or the way that Disabled people experience temporality, living according to different clocks than mainstream society. Some of my works occur explicitly over time, while others take place in visibly alternate timelines.