Malcolm Charles

Cooling Off

I created a series of digital illustrations for the New Media Arts 2023 Grounding Exhibition. The illustrations involve fire and rain used at 3 levels. The fire represents inner volatility that can be expressed in the various directions of positive and negative energies. The rain serves as an external opposing force to fire, with the purpose of trying to settle down the object into a more stable state.

At the bottom level, we have a burning flower. The flower is in bloom, open and vulnerable. The fire represents a simple release of energy associated with coming of age.

At eye level, we have a burning person sitting on a park bench. The person is alone with their thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings are the fuel to their fire.

At sky level, we have a bird flock, with a burning lead, flying above the clouds. Although the lead is burning there is no rain above him to settle him down. This scene represents the stresses of leadership. Although the lead bird is burning, the flock is dependent upon this bird to lead them to their destination. They are above the clouds, which signals that at this moment it is not the right time to relent because so much is a stake.

Artist Bio

Malcolm Charles is a Baruch College alumni working in the financial industry. He has a passion for the arts in its various forms. He creates art through digital painting, vector graphics, 3D modeling, visual effects, video editing, sound effects, and music production.

To view more of his work visit his ArtStation or his Instagram.