Jose Daniel Benitez and Puck de Haan


Jose.exe, a captivating collaboration by artists Jose Daniel Benitez and Puck de Haan, intricately weaves Hito Steyerl's Defense of the Poor Image, Walter Benjamin's Exploration of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Katherine Hayles' posthumanism, and the Grounding exhibition theme from New Media Artspace, Baruch College.

The artwork aims to ground the human body in the realm of computation, transcending individualism by transforming Jose's body into a posthuman digital form, fostering seamless interaction with intelligent machines. Steyerl's concept of the poor image finds resonance as the 3D scan of Jose's body effortlessly circulates within the digital landscape while challenging conventional notions of authenticity. Jose.exe integrates diverse themes, inviting critical engagement and reimagining artistic expression within the ever-evolving digital realm.

Artist Bio

Jose Daniel Benitez (he, him, they, them) is a multimedia artist, activist, holds a graphic communications bachelor of art from Baruch College-CUNY, and is currently pursuing a master in media studies from The New School University. His work spans from participatory art, video installations, photography, and silkscreen printing, that explores the intersectionality of identity and struggles in movement spaces. He is well known for being a core member of Mobile Print Power (MPP), a political silk screen printing collective, and for being a member-leader at Centro Corona. Majority of his works are created through a participatory or collaborative process based on the political principle of believing in the power of collaborative and collective work in movement spaces.

Puck de Haan, a motion designer, is driven by a deep passion for art that communicates emotions, challenges perspectives, and stimulates the mind. As their journey evolves, Puck's focus has shifted towards moving visuals, installation, and projection. Currently exploring Europe, embracing life's peculiarities, devouring books, and connecting with fascinating individuals, Puck remains a perpetual learner. Having completed studies in Animation, Puck now delves into Image and Media Technology at HKU in Utrecht (🇳🇱) and HfG Media Art in Karlsruhe (🇩🇪). This creative exploration encompasses motion design, experimental film, photography, new technologies, spatial interactivity, and the intricacies of perception. Poetry, language, cinema, technology, and travel continue to shape Puck's artistic journey, pushing boundaries, making bold choices, and above all, finding joy along the way.