Clint Sleeper

Teaching Capitalism to Nature

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Teaching Capitalism to Nature draws on political philosophers including Slavoj Žižek, Simon Critchley, and Mikhail Bakhtin toward the creation of a boring pedagogue character, immersed in a disinterested text, and unaffected by the sublime landscape in which he finds himself. The humorous juxtaposition of the pedagogue and the scenery is just as significant as the structure of the work, focused on experimentation with the one-liner format, where the title of the work is the punchline to the set-up: what could be more fruitless than asking our capitalists to care for the environment? Effectively, the resulting creative exploration is a one-liner on repeat (for more than 20 hours).

Artist Bio

Sleeper is an artist and curator whose research into technology, humor, environmentalism, and activism is presented through a number of creative projects and exhibition strategies. Sleeper is a co-director at Unrequited Leisure, an artist-run space in Nashville, TN, US and he frequently collaborates with artists, musicians, and scholars to produce artworks and exhibitions that have shown nationally and internationally.