Carrie Chen

Dreams 梦境素描

Dreams 梦境素描 is an ongoing series of moving images created by Carrie Chen since 2019. Works in this series engage with the practice of archiving dreamscapes and materializing subconscious phenomenological experiences through 3D modeling, texturing, and animation.

Each moving image was created from subconscious impressions and memories of spaces that have appeared during dream states. Based on quick notes and sketches upon awakening, the spaces visualized range in scale and context— from cellular forms in the female anatomy to alien landscapes. Each work attempts to recall memories of emotion within dream spaces such as confusion, nostalgia, dislocation, and excitement.

Artist Bio

Carrie Chen is an artist and educator based in Los Angeles. Working with computer-generated animation, simulation technologies and media installation, she explores how digital figuration can be a poetic and multidimensional means to process and express ideas about cultural hybridity, representation, time and memory.

Chen currently teaches Visual Communication and Digital Avatars as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at USC’s Media Arts + Practice program. She is also a lecturer at Parsons Design and Technology. She has exhibited internationally and recieved the 2024 STRP Award for Creative Technology. She was artist-in-resident at GAZELL.iO and has held talks at Beijing-based X Museum’s X-VIRTUAL, CalArts Experimental Animation and Otis College of Art and Design.