Justin Deng: AI Tracked

AI solver is about how one man's cumbersome problems is just an AI's trivial matters.

Ai Solver

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Project Statement:

"AI Solver" was conceived with the ideas of AI, societal problems, and social media issues. When the global pandemic was in full swing, Justin had begun to ponder "What If" scenarios. He had also noticed that whenever there was any activist activity on social media platforms, there would inevitably be a swarm of users who post about it and all their "messages" seems to be the same. So, he began to ask: What if a third party, super intelligent AI was to help us solve the same problems that the activists on social media are reporting? What would it look like? How would the AI solve it? Finally, what would the AI think of us humans? The film project is set in the future. It revolves around a generic character who works in the AI Tech industry. Through his everyday mundane life, he can interact with social media and futuristic AI technology. The film shows the interactions between our generic character and AI, to show the inefficiencies and negatives of social media. It shows the result of what could happen if we were to let a super intelligent AI take care of our human problems for us.


Artist Statement:

Justin Deng is a native Queens, New Yorker and an American Chinese college student in New Media Arts. He creates works in the form of films, animations, and generative code. The main purpose behind his artworks is to show what may happen given certain circumstances and exploring how events would play out if generic characters are put in certain scenarios. He shows the developing relationships and trading of interactions between the characters. Then finally, he shows how the scenarios and results would relate to present-day situations.