Jieling Huang & Yihui Li: Hope

Hope is a video about people's life under air pollution and raising awareness about environmental issues.


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Project Statement:

JieLing Huang and YiHui Li are Chinese born new media artists. In their childhood, air quality was a concern in the news. Bad air quality harms human health. Air pollution causes respiratory diseases. Air pollution is an issue that needs to be aware of. Their work takes a critical view of the environmental issue. Specifically, focus on air pollution. Their artwork is inspired by the work of a Dutch artist to solve the air pollution in Beijing. They create a video to tell a narrative story of a day under air pollution and use adobe premiere pro to edit the video. The work demonstrates the relationship between humans and the environment because humans don't use natural resources wisely. They want to remind the audience that protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility.


Artist Statement:

JieLing Huang and YiHui Li are Chinese born new media artists and grew up and currently live in Brooklyn. They both share common values, believe in equality, determination, courage, and a deep concern for social issues. Their past new media artwork was focused on school bullies by creating animation. The main character was being bullied because he is the only Asian in school. Finally, he stood up to fight for himself after an attack, he joined a protest against Asian hate. They also created a website to address body shame against females. Body shame occurred in different age groups, from children to seniors. Their artworks want to raise awareness of social issues.