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Cyber Souls : Curatorial Statement

Cyber Souls is an exhibition exploring two opposite ends of a spectrum. Facing the aftermath of a vicious pandemic, it is blatantly obvious that people have been catapulted to various ends of the spectrum through drastic changes in socialization, economics, politics, and psychological well-being. While some have fallen deeper into the abstract world of the cyber web, others have rediscovered and connected to their individual identities and souls. Just as nothing in this world is black and white, many of these experiences and elements fall into a grayscale. In the exhibition, Cyber Souls, we explore and dissect various parts of this continuum to expose various topics and issues that have bubbled to the surface in the last few years that allow us to highlight and navigate this precarious, curious, and transformative terrain through a variety of digital landscapes.

Cyber Souls is a group exhibition of 26 new media artists whose ideas and encounters drive five eclectic yet connected sub-themes: Behind the Pixels, Bits and Bytes, Bifocal, Dear Diary, and Digital Activism. Behind the Pixels uses the artists power of appropriation and agency by taking existing digital media and further unravels it through the processes of sampling and remixing. Bits and Bytes transcends analog visual art and pulls us toward the digital heart of the works driven by user interaction and experience. Bifocal focuses on intersectionality and how we juggle existence within two different worlds and cultures. Dear Diary explores self-identity and family connections through emotional and nostalgic storytelling by pushing boundaries of intimacy and audience connection. Lastly, Digital Activism brings current social issues into the spotlight through digital mediums and calls for a change, now.

The works in this exhibition display different views of the Cyber Souls spectrum. The world is dynamic and unpredictable, but we continue to remain reserved and seek comfort. Some have turned to the internet as their asylum while others confided in themselves and their family. These submissions are all tied to our individual experiences and our embodiments online. Our emotions, memories, hobbies, and concerns have manifested online and together are woven into this exhibition that hopes to connect and share beyond the digital interface. Our objective is to have viewers reflect on their own lives to see what grounds them and keeps them motivated through troubling times.

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