Ziqiang Ouyang: Overcomer

“The Pandemic has brought great changes to people’s lives. Some have lost their jobs, some have lost their quality of life, some have been trapped at home, and some have psychological problems.”


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Project Statement:

The Pandemic has brought huge changes to people’s lives. Someone lost their jobs, someone lost their quality of life, someone have been trapped at home, and someone have psychological problems.

Ziqiang Ouyang’s project was inspired by his experience during the coronavirus. Due to the pandemic, Ziqiang is taking classes remotely in China. The work will be a 5-minute long video that illustrates class time that is completely reversed, but it also brings him to create a completely different way of life. The work also shows the physical and mental impact of the epidemic on himself. For example, he has to stay up late for class, sleeping during the day when everyone else is busy with other things, and all the emotional changes, such as his inner anxiety, restlessness, and depression.
Finally, at the core of the work is his realization that the pandemic is not terrible, but has caused psychological trauma and depression.


Artist Statement:

Ziqiang Ouyang is an international student from China. He grew up in China and came to The United States to complete his undergraduate study in New York. Although he majored in finance, he took new media art as his second major because of his interest in new media art and became a new media artist. This is the beginning of his art story…

Ziqiang enjoys making videos and taking photos, therefore, Ziqiang learned a lot about photography and video-making techniques to shoot works of art he likes. He loves to combine life stories with art to the public. Like his family and friends, even his favorite food. He is good at spotting human emotions and behaviors most, and his inspiration also comes from watching a lot of performance artworks.