Jocelyn Romero: (Un)SPOKEN

(Un)SPOKEN is an interactive website that you can browse and view the different ways that can go into building a connection and understanding another person, even beyond spoken words


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Project Statement:

(Un)SPOKEN is an interactive website that puts into perspective how we try to understand people using other methods that don’t just involve verbal speech. There are 3 modes of listening; causal listening which is when you are listening to sound to collect information about where it came from or how it was caused. Semantic listening is when there is a code or language to interpret a message, and reduced listening, which involves the repetition of a sound so that you can focus on the traits of the sound itself. Something most people don’t realize is that you can also view people to understand “sound.” The movements you make can be associated to different standard meanings and this is how most people who can’t even hear auditory sound, or understand the spoken language being said to them, try to understand the people and world around them.

In this project I wanted to convey the different feelings, we may face in our daily communications with the people around us. There is an interactive homepage that consists of having texts that are color coded, clickable, and includes hidden texts as well. The subjects being focused on in this work are conversational audio, body language, and feelings.


Artist Statement:

Jocelyn Romero is a Mexican American new media artist from Queens, New York. Her previous works focused on video formats, but later she developed a fascination in web design. Being able to share writing, images, and information for everyone to see in a creative interactive way is what she is most fond of.

While living in a big city she has been able to meet people from countries all around the world. Communicating with people who speak different languages and sometimes don’t share English as their first language. It encouraged her to view different methods of communication that help you make a connection with another person. What she strives to show in her work is bring awareness to all the difficulties that we go through when communicating with one another.