Nazia Sultana : BREAK THE RULES

Break the rules: leave those boundaries that hold you back

break the rules

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Project Statement:

Nazia's project is a short video where she did video record of herself and created two characters. she used one object (scarf) expressing those rules must be breaking. This project focused on taking decision on complicated issues such as abortion, education, with an urgency to transform and highlight the lack of women’s rights in Bangladesh. she hopes by generating her work will create policy changes, awareness around this urgent women issues. This project might be considered feminist, but it is far beyond feminism. she hopes this work will communicate independence and rule breaking to Bangladeshi women in her community.


Artist Statement:

Nazia Sultana is a Muslim Asian women born and raised in Bangladesh. Back in Bangladesh she used to live by following uncountable prejudiced rules and boundaries. she feels those rules are holding back women every moment. Nazia came to New York and start living a normal life at 2014, she started experience the difference that a woman has the right to choose how she wants to live and not to wait for her parents or husband's approval. Nazia wants those boundaries/rules to be removed from the society. That is why, Nazia chooses YouTube as a platform to send her message saying "Break the Rule" to every women. she believes YouTube is now a big part of social media and a strongest platform to reach out people. Her intention is the awakening of every women of Bangladesh and motivates them moving forward in their choices of life. Her work is about equal opportunities and independence for Bangladeshi women