Hang Yu : Again

"Again" is an animation about somebody who learned the value of loss and met in a dramatic adventure.


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Project Statement:

My project, “Again,” is an animated music video, built upon the central theme of “Meer,separate and meet again.” This is a story about a girl who falls into a parallel world andexperiences a mysterious adventure. The focal point of the story is understanding what the maincharacter has lost and received.This animate aims to expand the feeling of cherishing things youhave and somebody important to you, yet, it also brings to awareness a sense of sacrifice and loss present in the world today.


Artist Statement:

My name is Hang Yu, and I am an Asian whose born and raised in China. Currently, I’man animator and college student in new york. I like to imagine and daydream about various scenarios, it can be about a fantasy story with an exciting adventure, and it can also be about a relaxed everyday life. But, my favorite part is combining these scenarios into a new story. My artwork is an exploration of fantasy and illusion based on my actual experiences,imagination, and fiction stories. I don’t reference any particular fictional stories but transform elements from various genres, including fantasy, romance, science fiction, and horror. My workis primarily hand-drawn, allowing me to create easy arrangements while performing my imagination stories. I always intended to build my work as a visual feast that connects fantasies with our day-to-day life within the production process. Although the stories’ relevance between each work is broad, it is still connected through the core idea of remixing imagination with reality.