William Burgos : T0 Y0U

"T0 Y0U" is a filmic experience that focuses on self-exploration to traverse themes of hope and encourage others to keep walking.

T0 Y0U

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Project Statement:

This short film traverses the themes of hope and restoration. Over the last two years, everyone’s lives have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and it has become a mental struggle for many. We are currently in a new stage of the pandemic, what Burgos feels is a restoration phase. He wants T0: Y0u (TBD) to encourage others to feel hopeful during this period. It is a reminder to keep walking, as difficult as it may be from time to time. A reminder that there is always something to look forward to, even if we don’t realize it. To accomplish this, Burgos utilizes various special effects and sounds in the piece to leave the audience wondering what is next, just like we wonder what tomorrow will bring. He also utilizes various “cut and sew” concepts for video, photography, and audio to piece the film together in a way that is similar to a comic in nature. Ultimately, this piece is a culmination of everything Burgos has learned thus far in college to create a piece that will inspire the possibility of a brighter future. lege to create a piece that will inspire the possibility of a brighter future.


Artist Statement:

William Burgos is a storyteller from New York. Being a journalist and artist, Burgos takes pride in being able to showcase all kinds of stories. He believes that everyone has their own stories that deserve to be heard. Throughout his college career, Burgos has experimented with various kinds of storytelling mediums such as audio stories, video stories and textual stories. He has found that while each medium has its own potential, video stories have a spark in them that he loves to explore. Behind the combination of a visual, audio, and narrative experience, Burgos braids layers of his own interests into his work for the audience to see such as comedy, music, and pop culture. Burgos’ work revolves around the expression of emotion. In each piece, he picks an emotion that will serve as the “heart” of the piece. Then, by using his own experiences as well as consulting with friends, he comes up with various ideas on how to showcase that emotion, dramatize it and entertain the audience. He strives to make every piece is made to be relatable to the audience in some way and evoke an emotional experience. Burgos’ interest in storytelling is one way that he tries to share his experiences with others, so that they too can share their experiences, creating this domino-like effect where everyone is more connected with one another.