Ira Eduardovna, Fall 2013


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Baruch College - Stacks - B2430 .B253 P6313 1994

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Baruch College - Stacks - PG 3456 .A19 K73 1997

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Baruch College - Reserves - PN1995 .D39313 1986

NOTE: This is complicated stuff!
Try starting with this accessible undergraduate reading guide:

Christopher Vitale, ?Guide to Reading Deleuze?s The Movement-Image, Part I: The Deleuzian Notion of the Image, or Worldslicing as Cinema Beyond the Human?
Read Online

Christopher Vitale, ?Guide to Reading Deleuze?s ?The Movement-Image?, Part II: From the Affect-Image to the Relation Image?
Read Online

Christopher Vitale, ?Guide to Reading Deleuze?s Cinema II: The Time-Image, Part I: Towards a Direct Imaging of Time to Crystal-Images?
Read Online

Christopher Vitale, ?Guide to Reading Deleuze?s Cinema II, Part II: From Crystal-Images to the Powers of the False?
Read Online

Christopher Vitale, ?Reading Cinema II, Part III: Noosigns, Lecto-signs, and the Cinematic Worldcreating for a People Yet to Come?
Read Online

Sigmund Freud, ?The Uncanny.?First published in Imago, Bd. V., 1919; reprinted in Sammlung, F?nfte Folge.
Read Online

Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time: Reflections on the Cinema. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2012.
Baruch College - Reserves - PN1995 .T33513 2012

What are Artist's Picks?

In conjunction with their exhibitions, each New Media Artspace resident artist assembles a collection of reference materials to help visitors and students understand their work and artistic process. These Artist’s Picks can be anything that inspires or contextualizes the exhibition. They include essays, films, books, interviews, TV shows and more. Ranging from theory to popular culture, Artist’s Picks offer another layer of meaning to New Media Artspace exhibitions. They are archived online as a teaching resource and for anyone interested in researching the artist or exhibition themes.

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