Past Exhibition

Ira Eduardovna: Terminus

September 25–December 4, 2013

Curatorial Statement

The characters in Eduardovna's videos are often performed by the artist and members of her family. The familial structure becomes a microcosm of society as a whole. Her work examines the changes that occur in the family once it has been displaced into a different societal structure, and considers what may follow from the collapse of social structures, or even the collapse of the home itself. In the works collected for "Terminus," architecture features as a recurring theme, evoking both the artist's longing for a missing home and her attempt to reconstruct it from surrogate structures. Her videos examine the border of video and architecture and the influence of architecture on the experience of time and memory. This border, like the borders traversed in immigration, proves to be porous. "Terminus" suggests that what may seem to be an end point in a character's experience, is in fact a turning point, opening onto a new experience or emotional state. The "terminus" is a porous border of its own.

Ira Eduardovna's videos and installations reconstruct narratives of an autobiographical nature and examine themes of migration and identity, which she shows as being in flux through non-linear story telling. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the immigration wave that followed it are phenomena that Eduardovna explores as a personal experience and a global one. Her work contemplates lost communist ideals, which once promised to lead the world to a bright future, and how now these fractured ideals must be navigated on a personal level during the process of searching for a new residence.

Artist Bio

Ira Eduardovna was born and raised in the former USSR until she immigrated to Israel in 1990. She currently lives and works in New York.

Eduardovna's work has been shown internationally in Israel, Europe and USA including solo shows at Momenta Art Brooklyn and Braverman gallery in Tel Aviv. Group shows include the Israel museum in Jerusalem, Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel, Postamsters gallery NY, Loop video art festival Barcelona among many others. She is the recipient of 2012 Artis exhibition grant and The Ostrovsky family fund for experimental film in 2012 and 2013. Ira will be artist in residence at FUTURA, Prague in fall 2013 and at Residency Unlimited in 2014.

Ira Eduardovna: Terminus is curated by Katherine Behar, Assistant Professor in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. The exhibition is supported by The Sandra Kahn Wasserman Jewish Studies Center (JSC) in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences at Baruch College.

Special thanks: Arthur Downing, Christian Keck, Joe Albanese, JSC, Liz Wollman, Jessica Lang, Fred Waeldner, Tom Lulevitch, Colin McKeveny, BCTC, the Department of Fine and Performing Arts, Buildings and Grounds, for their extraordinary efforts in supporting the creation of the New Media Artspace and this exhibition.
All images appear courtesy of the artist.

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