An artist from Jupiter. A Utopian alien. Mike Hou works in audio, video, and performance in the direction to create utopian solutions for repressed communities and adventurous outliers. Eventually, New World Order launches its regime in 2080. There is only one government manipulating planet Earth, the Pyramid Family, also known as World Government. By monopolizing the World Bank and 99% of the oil resource on earth, Pyramid has dominated advanced outer space technology, controlling the destiny of those who are left on earth. We are in the desperate moment of waiting for a greater power to rescue Human beings.
“Why do you believe in aliens?”
“I don’t know. I just think it would be wasteful for the universe if they don’t exist.”
According to surveys, those of who believe in extraterrestrials or superpowers have three connections:
The desire to escape from the reality;
The desire to wash out their memories;
Many of them are artists or scientist.
Similarly, for those who do not come from a spiritual background, but start seeking a belief at a time in their life when they wish to be part of something outside of themselves. Reality means forever depression to them, while memory brings back distressing experiences. Therefore, when they believe or pretend to know that something “bigger than me” could have existed, it will be easier for them to find the purpose of life rather than moving on like a wasted zombie, or an empty cocoon.
In his work, Mike uses sound and images to invent a virtual world abstracted from our consensus reality. This world is created based on real experiences that express the emotional and psychological responses to mental adventures, or traumatic events, in order to find the meaning of life.