James Matsis (1975, New York City, USA) is a new media artist and electronic music producer who works with a variety of digital media, examining the world of polarities. His works are characterized by the use of familiar elements in which recognition plays an important role. The combination of direct and metaphorical interpretations of the objects lures the viewer into the artist’s perspective while also allowing multifaceted interpretation by the viewer. By taking ordinary, familiar objects, places, or events as subject matter and exposing their polarities, inequalities, and outcomes, Matsis create these moments with hints of humor, irony and surprise with visual combinations of video, photos, and animation synchronized with electronic music to develop an artistic form of music videos. James Matsis’ final work includes order and disorder represented as rhythmic and non-rhythmic music (respectively). It begins with the interpretation of ground and sky depicted in videos overlapped in pictures of oceans and skies. The nuclear blast and tree represents war and peace, or destruction and creation of freedom, and confinement is represented with nature’s elements of wind, fire, plants and fossil oil. The tricked out bus represents income inequalities and its modes of transportation.