Without darkness there is no light. Through my work, I try to find and embody the balance of the two. I’ve always been more attracted to darker toned themes whether it’s film, television, photography, or even a gloomy day. This does not mean I don’t enjoy a nice walk in the park on a beautiful day. Dealing with something that may seem somber helps me find that equilibrium between the light, dark, distraction, and confidence. My short film investigates how things we are accustomed to in our daily lives can be a form of distraction. With the rapid boom of modern day technology, we discover new and amazing things every day. But the fast-moving tech world has also created a barrier between humans when it comes to social interaction. Things distract us such as tweets, negative media, and mobile devices. Would one rather sit down on Tumblr all day than enjoy the weather? This will dive deeper into the social psychological realm of what many consider a core component of their daily life. The simplicity of the audio compared to the sporadic visuals will be an important factor in this piece as each series of sound will reflect on the sentiments of what’s going on in the particular scene. I take inspiration from directors like Gasper Noe, Wes Anderson, and Terry Gilliam who incorporate stunning visuals with unique sounds to capture the importance of each segment of their films.