This exhibit is best experienced without prior knowledge. Please read this after going through the video tour. Viewers are encouraged to participate by following along with the video. Lacking all ability to hold a pen or use a brush, Calvin Rong began his foray into art as photographer but quickly became disillusioned and jaded by what he saw as aesthetically pleasing but artistically devoid works. He moved to multimedia with the goal to invoke emotion through his art. The art itself, in his eyes, is what the viewer feels from the piece; everything else is simply the delivery mechanism. Consider the Following is an immersive experience inspired by Janet Cardiff’s audio tours. The piece is a contemplation on the subtleties of when love is acceptable. It is a blurring of the lines between acceptable and unacceptable social contexts of love and a conversation of how those underlying emotions can be similar. The narration was inspired by interviews of stalkers mixed in with real reflections of current lovers describing their affections for their significant others. Ultimately the goal of the exhibit is to create an emphatic view into the mind of someone who is experiencing psychosis and has lost touch with what is socially acceptable.