New York, NY – December 11, 2017: Screenshot is a group exhibition brought to you by the New Media Arts Capstone students of Fall 2017. The artist curators are Kiya McCoy, Suswana Chowdhury, Frannie Torres, Calvin Rong, Kseniya Us, Natalie Escobar, Anthony Cimitile, Kelsey Webb, Kevin Zhagui, Ravi Thapa, James Matsis, Derrick Owoeye, Mike Hou, Richard Amin, and Vinick Dias.

Screenshots, born out of the digital era, are often taken secretly but are meant to preserve a moment. With no explanation or context, these moments can be redefined to each viewer’s perspective. Screenshot embodies the moments we believe are the defining points in our lives with each artist showcasing this by exploring how digital devices mediate our relationships and reshape the population’s views on many social issues such as race, immigration, violence, mental health, ecology and human relations.

The second floor is titled “Crises.” Frannie Torres’ American Nightmare, Kelsey Webb’s You Will Not Replace Us & We Love You, and Natalie Escobar’s Redefining Identity attempt to tackle America’s ongoing identity crisis amid an immigrant-weary political age.

The third floor is titled “Strange Society.” Vinick Dias’ Sorry, Excuse Me, Mike Hou’s Finding the Meaning of Life Through Traumas, James Matsis’ Polarity, Derrick Owoeye’s Control Your Scroll, and Calvin Rong’s Consider the Following investigate how technology mediates and imposes social affect on individuals emotionally and mentally using a combination of audio, video, and performance.

The fourth floor is titled “Random Code.” Kiya McCoy’s Olive Tree, Anthony Cimitile’s Drawing Upon Understanding, Richard Amin’s Triple Threat: Sound, Code, and Visualization, and Kseniya Us’ Metropolis encompass the mediums of generative art and manipulation to show how reality and the abstract interact in the simulacra.

The fifth floor is titled “Dopo Il Teatro.” Suswana Chowdhury’s Sex Only, No Room for Love, Ravi Thapa’s Split Screen, and Kevin Zhagui’s FROOTS reinterpret quotidien situations, race, & modern dating in today’s digital age.