In a world with so many unexpected tragedies, we still need to find a way to enjoy our own lives. How do you cope with the negative things around you? Each person has their own way of coping, and in this video, we see how Young Based Josh does it. But this becomes very hard in our time of media saturation. Televisions, computers, and cell phones are everywhere and it becomes more of a challenge to separate ourselves from these things without feeling out of the loop. I mainly work with video and I’m interested in the different methods of dealing with bad news. The song is called “Sorry, Excuse Me” because the artist is trying to enjoy life even though there are many problems that come his way, he just has to excuse them. I focus on fast transitions moving to go with the pace of the song and also the fast pace that we receive news today. The video includes different clips of how we receive bad news in today’s society, i.e. watching news on TV, notifications on the phone & walking by a news stand. His party lyrics mix with dramatic news and different shots around the city, creates a strong contrast, making the viewer question each shot and the reason for it.