Peggy Awesh, Fall 2019


Kim, Hyemin. Peggy Ahwesh: "An Essay Film is the Doubt, Consideration, Sense of Failing and the Thinking Out Loud."
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Balsom, Erika. "No masters: the Cinema of Peggy Ahwesh.", 2017.
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McCoy, Ann. Peggy Ahwesh: CLEAVE
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MacMillian, Palgrave. Cut to Cute: Fact, Form, and Feeling in Digital Animation, with Johanna Gosse, Expanded and Experimental Animation. 2018.

Wees, William. peggy's playhouse.
Women's Experimental Cinema - Duke University Press

Frank, Thomas. What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America. 2004.
Baruch College - Stacks - F686.2 .F73 2004

Turkewitz, Julie. A Boom Time for the Bunker Business and Doomsday Capitalists.
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Nancy, Jean Luc. Uncanny Landscapes in The Ground of the Image.
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Stafford and Terpak. Devices of Wonder. Getty Museum Catalog, 2001.

Treister, Suzanne. Capturing the Essence of Gaming Since the '80. 2010.
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Shaviro, Steven. Accelerationist Aesthetics: Necessary Inefficiency in Times of Real Subsumption.
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Rabie and Crane. Promissory Note. Triple Canopy, 2018.
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Hooks, Bell. The Oppositional Gaze. 1992.
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Parallel 1 -4 by Harun Farock
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Serious Games 1-4 by Harun Farocki
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Emissaries by Ian Cheng
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Toute les Memoire du Monde by Alain Renais
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Pulse pharma phantasm by Les Leveque
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Forensic Architecture (2011) The Left to Die Boat
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The Illinois Parables by Deborah Stratman
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The Story of Milk and Honey by Jesse McLean

See a Dog Hear a Dog by Ian Cheng

Rose Hobart by Joseph Cornell
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Total Recall by Gretchen Bender
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Pixel Forest by Pipilotti Rist
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Ever is Overall by Pipilotti Rist
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What are Artist's Picks?

In conjunction with their exhibitions, each New Media Artspace resident artist assembles a collection of reference materials to help visitors and students understand their work and artistic process. These Artist’s Picks can be anything that inspires or contextualizes the exhibition. They include essays, films, books, interviews, TV shows and more. Ranging from theory to popular culture, Artist’s Picks offer another layer of meaning to New Media Artspace exhibitions. They are archived online as a teaching resource and for anyone interested in researching the artist or exhibition themes.

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