You have now entered
the world of
The Spoken Place.
This Place
challenges you
to reevaluate
your relationships
with the objects
around you.
Each object
in this Place
speaks its
own language
you will learn
to communicate
on their terms.
Asier & Exitus
Fall 2020 New Media Arts Capstone Exhibition


Angel Santa

Bryan Martinez

Q-tip Nation

Shakeelah Graham

Shine Bright in Darkness

Rashed Rafson


Ivan Tjen

The exhibition’s second collection, “The Spoken Place,” features artworks that take on an unconventional medium of communication through feelings, actions, or gestures. In addition, the artworks adopt an object’s perspective, reveal its umwelt or “sense world,” or explore the dependent relationships between objects and humans. T-MEME: A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS by Angel Santa and Bryan Martinez is a collection of digital photos that explores the struggle and mistreatment of an everyday object, a neglected T-shirt. The artists personify the object by giving it a voice and allowing the observers to feel for its life. Shakeelah Graham’s Q-tip Nation is an audio book that portrays a science fictional future world in which Q-Tips live without humans or human ears to clean. Rashed Rafson’s video Shine Bright in Darkness advertises a Chindogu-like invention, nightlight slippers. In his short film FORECAST, Ivan Tjen adapts the importance of the umbrella as it evolves to protect humans from small-scale weather and natural elements and eventually from large-scale climate change. On entering the world of “The Spoken Place”, observers are challenged to reevaluate their relationship with the objects they interact with on an everyday basis through various communication styles.