Welcome to
The Other Place.
In this Place,
objects will transport you
into a variety of virtual worlds
where you can manifest
feelings and desires
as tangible environments
and objects,
wipe away
be they biological
or technological,
and keep track of
how many hours
a watch has
Asier & Exitus
Fall 2020 New Media Arts Capstone Exhibition

Liberating the Human Inside

Isaac Wei

Clorox Saves the Day!

Aishwarya Minocha

Heenakshi Malhotra

Amber Morales

The Watch Is on the Clock

Ji Na Chen

Grace Guo

Ansheng Fan

Gigi Zhao

“The Other Place” collection enables viewers to imagine and explore virtual worlds. Some of the artworks experiment with preparing for the unknown in an unpredictable world and other pieces focus on capitalism and making up for injustices. Isaac Wei’s art game, Liberating the Human Inside takes participants to a futuristic digital world where they can shop, learn, socialize and even work. Wipe Craft, an interactive work by Heenaskshi Malhotra, Aishwarya Minocha, and Amber Morales, transports players into a germy virtual game world where they can wipe viruses, malware and toxins off the screen with a digital version of the COVID-era’s ubiquitous Clorox wipe to stay safe from infection. Ji Na Chen, Grace Guo, Ansheng Fan and Gigi Zhao’s work, The Watch Is on the Clock transitions to a world where a hardworking watch is paid minimum wage for its work keeping time digitally for the duration of the exhibition. "The Other Place" takes the user into a virtual world where they can explore shopping, cleaning viruses and keeping track of how many hours the watchman has worked.