Zachary Fabri, Spring 2015


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Read Online

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Baruch College - F128.9.N3 D4 1984

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Baruch College - BP223 .Z8 L57636 2011

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Baruch College - Stacks - Video DVD 582

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Baruch College - Reserve - Video DVD 1576

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Baruch College - Reserve - Video DVD 1577

Watch on your own:

Back to the Future.Directed by Robert Zemeckis. 1985. Universal City: Universal Pictures.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.Directed by Michell Gondry. 2004. Universal City: Focus Features.

Interstellar.Directed by Christopher Nolan. 2014. Hollywood: Paramount Pictures.

Paris, Texas.Directed by Wim Wenders. 1984. Los Angeles: 20th Century Fox.

THX 1138. Directed by George Lucas. 1971. Burbank: Warner Bros. Pictures.°0

What are Artist's Picks?

In conjunction with their exhibitions, each New Media Artspace resident artist assembles a collection of reference materials to help visitors and students understand their work and artistic process. These Artist’s Picks can be anything that inspires or contextualizes the exhibition. They include essays, films, books, interviews, TV shows and more. Ranging from theory to popular culture, Artist’s Picks offer another layer of meaning to New Media Artspace exhibitions. They are archived online as a teaching resource and for anyone interested in researching the artist or exhibition themes.

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