Floor 4 Surroundings

Jaime Huang's Daily Dissatisfaction

Jaime Huang

Daily Dissatisfaction, 2017, Video, 02:32 min.

Daily Dissatisfaction is an animation that highlights relatable personal frustrations from everyday activities. Many of us have experienced daily frustrations and struggles, from malfunctioning pedestrian lights, to waiting on a text from a friend, to waiting for a video to load. The majority of us feel some sort of daily dissatisfaction in our lives. Jaime Huang demonstrates these frustrations through beautifully illustrated, minimal vector animations. Her video compiles a series of unsatisfying situations which many viewers will be able relate to from personal experience.

Expressions of Feelings Through Architecture

Jayden Lei

Expressions of Feelings Through Architecture, 2017, 02:30 min.

Jayden Lei’s video, Expressions of Feelings Through Architecture, highlights our inner thoughts and emotions through architecture around NYC. Lei’s narration accompanies his everyday commute. This is a piece that was created to remind everyone to embrace what is around you in spite of our on-the-go lifestyle. Many New Yorkers often miss out on details in their rush to be successful and they often forget that happiness and inner feelings are a very important aspect of their lives as well.

Jia Li Lin's The Light with Seasons

Jia Li Lin

The Light with Seasons, 2017, Video, 00:47 min.

This work is a representation of the changing of the seasons that pass by, with a focus on light and its influence on the environment. Seeds, sprouts, and leaves represent each individual season. Changes in seasons, such as flowers blooming, are represented through abstract animation. There is a focus on the sky as the specific element of a rooftop environment, shows the passing of time through night and day.

Light plays a role in how the seasons and symbols change. As daily activities consume time and attention, spring becomes summer and then winter. With summer comes a chance for connection between individuals surrounded by an absence of life in their environment.


Seungho Yang

Serendipity, 2017, Video, 03:50 min.

Seungho Yang is inspired by the visual experience of nature and the environment. Serendipity is a video with an original soundtrack that express Yang’s life in New York. It shows how he has always wished to see nature even while he spends most of his time in buildings. Yang creates an alternate reality for viewers by allowing them to experience nature within an urban background.

Combining still photography and video, he inserts missing nature into representations of life in the city, such as advertisements in subways, kiosks on streets, or doors in buildings. Yang hopes that this will inspire viewers to see beyond the surface of the city views around them.