Self-expression in acting is a major part of Ravi’s filmmaking process. Ravi loves to give scenarios but also to have his actors improve the lines as they see fit. His process in coming up with ideas is very spontaneous, and come from various things in daily instances. Ravi as a person is very outgoing and an easily distracted individual who loves to see how people react. Working on a piece where he utilizes some day to day slices of life, he pushes through a natural reaction through the improve. His goal as a filmmaker is to create horror pieces, and being as distracted as he gets, he loves when the camera and sounds forces you to view things in a more active way. This idea has opened his world to filming using multiple cameras and multiple angles within the same scene, adding more dynamics and involvement in the viewer. This also adds a way to do his own social experiment. By changing the way the characters sound while un-synced with their character would ultimately add more of an unusual reaction for him and the viewers to see and to realize how in the situation, what they say might not match how they feel.