As an artist, Bravo doesn’t believe we can be pulled into one section of art because art is so broad and there are so many channels in which you can express yourself, and it is nearly impossible to be cornered. Growing up in Queens, there’s a lot of noise, people, and urban art. There is also a bunch of people from all over the world like Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe etc. With so many different cultures, philosophies, music, and food; Bravo asks you, “Why do we keep each other separated by this idea of race and skin color?” He would say that his art is a type of work that he would want even a 3 year old to understand. Bravo combines his love for film, from his previous experience as an actor, screen writer, and videographer and his knowledge for producing sound with synth and sine. These elements are key to the creation of his final capstone NMA project, that he will be naming, ”Froots.” Fruits showing roots. Roots make fruits. Race and fruit have something in common. Both have many different characters, yet both work best when they are together in one basket, than in separate areas. In this Capstone, he hopes that his message is clear: “Race and skin color discrimination cannot be tolerated here in the United States. We are in a time where we should be able to tell our kids to not be afraid to say where you’re from or to be able to demonstrate and share the beauty of one’s culture and heritage without the fear of feeling shame.”