coming undone (2022)

Ophelia Arc

coming undone is a video piece made using green screen, home footage, and manipulated found audio. In this piece Arc films herself undoing a mask made using green yarn. Using green screening effects, she edits in footage of a girl named Amanda as a woman calls her name through the distorted and disorienting audio. As the video progresses, the mask begins to diminish and reveal the artist beneath it. Throughout this process we see moments where Amanda's face and Arc's sync up, creating a collage-like version of them both. Arc's efforts to remove the mask manage to stay consistent which is in direct contrast to the audio, which alternates between an accelerated and slowed down pace. Once the mask becomes a piece of crochet cloth, her pace of undoing it becomes more frantic and urgent. At the very end we see her undo the last stitches, leaving the unraveled mask completely out of frame and thus silencing the woman in the background.

Artist's Bio

Ophelia Arc is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. Her work focuses around themes of trauma, memory and rotting in conjunction to healing. She is currently in her senior year receiving her BFA at Hunter College after recently being accepted into the fine arts 5th year program. She is set to be the youngest in her BFA graduate class since she had graduated college a year early. Along with being a part of the BFA she has also received a Mellon fellowship through her university and has been a GripTape Grant recipient. Ophelia Arc has shown pieces at No Format Gallery in London UK, Still Very Nameless in Wayne Indiana and Studio 3 in Brooklyn New York.