xXproxyXx (2022)

Parker Shatkin

This project is an on-going performance. Interact with the blog and follow along for new posts over the course of the exhibition.

xXproxyXx imagines a near-future in which our lives are spent fully online. In this new metaverse, where our online forms are more real than our physical forms, what's stopping us from transcending the human body? If you could present yourself as anything online, which aspects of the human form would you keep, if any? This project draws on experiences as a preteen girl on the internet, and imagines what those experiences would be like in this new, fully digital world.

Artist's Bio

Parker Shatkin is an artist interested in the uncanny, liminal spaces, and digital folklore. She is currently exploring these themes through digital and new media work with an emphasis on interactivity and immersive spaces.