conversation with myself // angel felix

Artist Statement
My name is Angel Felix, and I am an artist based in the Bronx, New York. My practice consists of video and sound manipulation. My work reflects my tumultuous relationship with my emotions since moving to New York and the feelings of loneliness, anxiety and more recently looks at the effects of solitude over the COVID-19 pandemic. The setting of my videos are primarily my room and apartment which acts like a metaphorical prison of both my physical body, and my spiritual/emotional one as well. My art is the antithesis of my personality. My personality is one I would describe as funny, intelligent, and easy going. However, my art interrogates the feelings that lurk behind and come to the forefront in times of great stress. The ideas of loneliness are paramount describing the transitional period from adolescence to early adulthood in such an uncertain time. An integral aspect of my work is the use of binaural sound, creating a sense of duality via listening through headphones. What influenced and inspired me to implore this technique was my consumption of ASMR. Listening to the way ASMR creators use and manipulate sound to trigger a strange physiological response made me fall in love and apply this for a deeper psychological response from my audience.

Project Statement
My project came to life as a result of examining my feelings after the isolation I felt, following Covid-19. It is a series of videos in which the setting is my home; the main setting of my life for the last 18 months. My work is influenced by Bo Burnham’s “Inside” and attempts to evoke a similar feeling of existential dread and self-reflection. The use of sound editing attempts to create a sense anxiety and make the space within the video feel real. The dialogue directed to the camera is meant to feel like a tether with the audience to make them feel connected to the art.

flora guo // anonymously missing you

Artist Statement
I am a multimedia artist, working in animation and video, based in NYC. During the last few years, I have observed division amongst the people over differences in our race, religion, and political views. This has caused fear and violence throughout the world. I am a firm believer that despite our differences, we are the same at heart. Hidden in our heart are our raw emotions – love, sadness, anger, and fear. By exposing the shadows within our emotional body, we make room to connect with one another. I want my art to inspire others to be vulnerable.

Project Statement
Missing someone? Sometimes, we find ourselves in a place where we have so much to say but no one to say it to. A form was posted through different channels on social media, allowing anyone to write a letter to someone that they are missing. “Anonymously Missing You” is a collective of the letters that were gathered.
Every letter in this collective holds a personal story of longing, exposing the shadows within the writer’s emotional body. Reading these letters, you may find that you can relate to them.

jiaying zhu // "kevin?"

Artist Statement
My name is Jiaying, a storyteller and a multimedia artist working in video editing and animation. I was born and raised in China before moving to the United States. The central characters of my narrative work are myself, family, and friends. A story can make people feel miserable, but it can also convey warmth, I believe while telling people's stories through animation, one can find a connection through the emotions of characters.

Project Statement
"Kevin?" is an animation portraying the issue of mental disease. The inspiration for the project came from a television show called Forget Me Not Café, the plot is adapted into an animation and is based on a true story from China. The story is about a grandma whose memories were lost due to Alzheimer's disease, in which she keeps calling out for her loved one, Kevin. The intention of this project is for everyone to cherish the present and seize the memorable moments. I hope this animation can emphasize the significance of Alzheimer’s disease to the young generation through an immersive way and show them the meaning of precious time spent with loved ones.
Alzheimer's disease is gradually becoming more common, and it could begin at a younger age, from 50 to 60 and even as early as 40. But what is Alzheimer's disease? Do you know how the world looks in the eyes of a person with Alzheimer’s?

hashim effendi // coda ennui

Artist Statement
I am a multimedia artist who is majoring in psychology and mathematics. I have an interest in simulation based technologies and I look forward to the future of games where narratives are replaced to satiate a desire for idleness. One of my favorite artists Anne Mie Van Kerchoven has a made alot of pieces with the idea that our digital presence, while being self obsessed; is causing a silent revolution where people are expressing their ineffability. The economy is diversifying through peer to peer economic mediums like blockchain and allowing people to market their own unique comparative advantages instead of being worker bees. This change in our economic structure will affect media too. People no longer want to be directed, they want their experiences to be uniquely ambient to their presence.

Project Statement
“Coda Ennui” is a visual album that deconstructs memory images to conceptualise why situations incur certain emotions in me. My audio productions are physically encoded to depict the multiplicity of stimulation and how adjusting in our current global situation has made us more aware of how our emotions are amorphous. I predict that people will be more emotionally detached and that the precariousness of our global situation will exacerbate agoraphobia. In my opinion the digital singularity will be fueled by decentralisation with the allure of the illusion of security. Individualism will simply be an oversaturated novelty; self referential commodities that will instantiate their own dadaist sub economy structures. I envision a world of meaningless passivity, where artificial stimulation will erode the beauty of adventure.

eunhye ha // half life: 14/28

Artist Statement
I am a Korean American, professional cook, and Brooklyn-based creative artist; I moved to the United States in 2007. My art practice is related to my personal stories and experiences of living as a Korean American. I work with cutouts, collages, and stop-motion to explore my interior experience and the world around me. Using photography, cartoon drawings, and video clips. I create animations and movies to illustrate the power and complexity of social issues and emotions throughout our daily life. Some of my recent work during the pandemic touches on the issue of Asian hate crime with the twist of having Karma doing its justice to the offenders.

Project Statement
2021 marks the year I turned 28, and the end of my 14th year living in America. It made me think of my first few years in the US, unfamiliar with the language and culture. My struggle became a motivation to push forward through the hard times. To stand up for myself and my family, my desire to learn English and to educate myself increase drastically. This work is a celebration of my half-life. My frustration, embarrassment, pressure, and countless days of silent cries are embedded in a present version of myself. Often when I am with my family, we talk about the situation we had and how far we have come. Trying to understand the reason that I cannot bring Kimchi to my lunch in middle school ever was one of the biggest questions. In Korea, children are forced to eat kimchi from school-provided lunch and eat healthy vegetables and soups that kids usually do not prefer. However, all of a sudden, I was placed in front of grease stinking pizza, tater tots, and fried chicken, yet forced to respect the social norms over the smell of my mother’s delicious Kimchi. Today, I find myself in the gray area between Korean EunHye and American Eunie. This work looks to unravel the complexities of straddling multiple selves within multiple cultures.


conversation with myself

anonymously missing you


coda ennui

half life: 14/28

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