As an artist, Natalie Escobar finds herself deeply interested in breaking stereotypes, in social justice, and in human interaction. Much of her work is a mix of analog (by hand) and digital, and it transforms everyday objects, subjects, and places into a new story that ignites the audience’s imagination of a utopian world, celebrates individual differences, and treasures the ordinary as the extraordinary. Redefining Identity focuses on embracing one’s identity as the way we perceive and express ourselves, embodying the answer to “Who are we?” There are many elements shaping our identity such as our ethnicity, gender, sex, professions, names and etc. Within the course of our lives, certain experiences can also change the way we identify ourselves. However, in our culture, many of us are not allowed to be ourselves, mostly due to the assumptions, misconceptions, and stereotypes that we face in our daily lives. In this short documentation, Natalie Escobar hopes to give the audience an opportunity to see how stereotypes can negatively affect a person and challenge what the society and media often falsely say about them.