Remember Dreaming

Weien Zhu

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Artist Statement

My pixel animation dives into the interaction between memory and dreams, exploring the fluid boundary where recollection merges with imagination. As the protagonist wakes by the magical star, he embarks on a journey to chase the distant star through the dark expanse, using all his strength but failing, stumbling, and falling into a surreal dreamland above the clouds. Here, in a mythical landscape, he encounters fragments of memory scattered like constellations, each piece a portal to a moment from the past. Through this dreamlike exploration, the animation prompts reflection on the nature of memory – are we dreaming about our memories or memorizing our dreams?

Guided by a strong desire to grasp the elusive star, the protagonist's quest leads him to the beginning, where his dream started. Through the mythical experience between memory and dream. As he gathers all the scattered fragments of recollection, all those memories merge into one, transforming into one star that he cannot ignore. Ultimately, as the animation draws to a close and the protagonist returns to the dark expanse, it's time to reach out and give a hug to the star, give a hug to the dream that you have already forgotten, and finally, it's time to start dreaming again.