The Echoes of Her

Stephanie Soto

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Artist Statement

“The Echoes of Her” vividly depicts childhood's innocence, imagination, and curiosity. It uses a vibrant palette and nostalgic memories to capture the magic of being a child. The piece, a collection of miscellaneous movies, TV shows, songs, photos, and videos, is a nostalgic journey, inviting viewers to reflect on their younger selves and feel a deep connection and understanding. It hopes viewers can gain strength and a sense of encouragement to be themselves as they age. Using video effects, “The Echoes of Her” presents itself as a diary or scrapbook to evoke the emotions of comfort but also longing. Although it may be bittersweet, this piece encourages viewers to reconnect with their past and embrace the universal joys and struggles of growing up. “The Echoes of Her” hopes to evoke a feeling of wonder and encourages viewers to reminisce on their childhood memories to remind them of the child they once were and still may be.