Mandy Bajaj

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Artist Statement

A collection of dreams, kaleidoscope of feelings, and self-expression that question my reality, captured through a lens.

In "SIMULATION DIARIES," I test the boundaries between reality and imagination through the lens of fractured consciousness. The video opens with a seemingly mundane moment—a girl gazing out of an airplane window—and then swiftly cuts into a realm where the boundaries of perception dissolve. We see her disconnecting with her surroundings (dissociation). The viewers can follow along with the monologue provided in the video.

As the glass cracks, so does the facade of the woman’s ordinary existence, and we enter into a kaleidoscope of fragmented thoughts and visions. Within this shattered reality, the viewer is invited to witness the chaotic dance of the woman’s mind as she tiptoes on the brink of consciousness. Trippy visuals and mesmerizing effects are integral to this journey. In the midst of this sensory overload, the girl's imagination is on display, and her thoughts of wanting to leave her small town swirl.