23 and 1

Hector Rodriguez

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Artist Statement

My work titled "23 and 1" is a contemplation on the experience of incarceration, conveyed through a collection of 24 videos. The majority of the videos, 23 in black and white, depict scenes from prison life, emphasizing the repetitive and mundane aspects of confinement. Through these clips, I aim to evoke the pervasive sense of boredom and monotony that defines life behind bars.

Contrasting this monotony, the 24th video bursts into color, featuring a collage of fast-paced clips showcasing incarcerated individuals engaged in performance arts. This vivid portrayal underscores the yearning for escapism and joy amidst the confines of incarceration, with the rapid tempo symbolizing the adage "time flies when you're having fun."

Each video is precisely one minute long, reflecting an hour in the day, and can be viewed in any sequence, offering viewers a subjective experience of time and perspective within the carceral setting. "23 and 1" invites contemplation on the complexities of time, perception, and longing within the stark environment of confinement.