Denise Contreras

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Artist Statement

For my video project, I delve into reimagining sports history, proposing a world where the WNBA was founded simultaneously with the NBA in 1949. This work goes above the fictional narrative; it's a creative exploration that challenges our perceptions of history and the timelines we take for granted. By crafting a narrative that blends historical authenticity with imaginative speculation, I aim to immerse my viewers in an alternate reality.
This project is not just about the what-ifs of sports history; it's a commentary on the untold stories of women athletes who could have shone in an earlier era of professional basketball. Through a blend of archival footage style, period-accurate graphics, and a curated narrative, I construct a world that, while fictional, feels real.
My intention is to engage viewers in a thought experiment: What if the WNBA had been established in the 1940s? How would this have altered the history of professional sports, gender equality, and our cultural narrative? By presenting this alternate history as reality, I invite my audience to reflect on the implications of such a world, challenging them to reconsider the past, present, and future of women's sports.