Curatorial Statement

you are but what am i explores the intricate tapestry of human experience through the themes of self-discovery, surreal exploration, and acceptance of imperfections. It delves into the raw, tactile essence of being alive—offering a profound journey through the diverse perspectives of the featured artists.

The artists explore existential topics of both internalized and externalized discontent, a search for connection and belonging and a desire to strike a balance in the overly saturated technosphere. While the works tend to be meditative, and intuitive, they carry an anxiety of needing to digest the chaos and uncanny biome of the modern world. The exhibit draws on the observer to call themselves into the conversation of how these subjective experiences affect our social gardens. By touching on childhood wonders and color, dreamscapes of surreal, the embodiment of lost, reflection and peace in accepting, and an open-ended resolution pointing back toward the audience to confirm the arts and artists’ existence in i am alive i swear.

The exhibit is kitschy, it’s serious, it’s fun, and the works are all unified in their introspective tone. Through the use of video, audio, animation, collage, game design, illustration and performance you are but what am i begs the question are you: lonely? lost? anxious? in touch? connected? searching?

I know you are but what am i?

Sub Themes