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METAVERSUS is an exhibition that explores the intersection of humans and their perceptions of social, cultural, and environmental realities. Here, we weave together works by artists who interrogate the complexities of our digital age during a period of self exploration and discovery. The exhibition features four sub-themes that reflect the multifaceted nature of what it means to exist in the METAVERSUS: INGRAINED, INFLUX, INHABITED, and INERTIA.

Through METAVERSUS, the artists invite us to consider the ways in which society and new media can intersect to produce unexpected ways and revolutionary forms of integration and synthesis. INGRAINED, INFLUX, INHABITED, and INERTIA are four points in the spectrum that help us understand this metaphorical multiverse.



Melenie Atahualpa Angela Bernabeo Le Ping Chen Cai Ni Chen Sai Hein Nay Zar Ikra Islam Ishraq Khan Benjamin Loshinsky Khaliya McCall Karla Morales Leo Ng Ashley Park Alejandro Perez-Leon Fariha Rahman Melissa Vo Fei Fei Zheng Natalie Zhong
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