Land (The Perfect Kiss) V(x)1 (2022)

Keens Vereeniging

Land (The Perfect Kiss) V(x)1 is a raptarious paean to soil: a homage in the form of a young man planting a kiss on a metaphorical piece of land. It is both a sensual and reverential gesture acknowledging the importance of the life-giving properties of soil and an invitation to reconnect to the source of our elation and well-being and to recognize the privilege of being a witness to the complex systems involved in the preservation of harmony. Land (The Perfect Kiss) V(x)1 should ultimately be seen as a pledge to preserve, protect, and honor the testament to life that is nature: a unique aeon spanning evolutionary process of which we are a product.

Artist's Bio

Keens Vereeniging is a South African-born multidisciplinary artist, musician, and climate activist currently based in Spain. He produces music under the name of Waste Generation.