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Sublime Truth Flowers

Jose Daniel Benitez


We perceive the world based on the story that our eyes tell us, but what if that information was not purely factual but biased as well? Sublime Truth Flowers draws inspiration from Kant's claim that the sublime itself is so great that anything compared to it must necessarily be considered small. Inspired by Kant’s idea of sublime, Jose Daniel Benitez challenges the viewers’ perspective of normality through the over-saturation and collaging of everyday things. By creating a fragmentation of reality through a “glitch,” Sublime Truth Flowers poses the question of whether or not we find beauty in nature as it is, or as we think that it is supposed to be.

Artist Bio

Jose Daniel Benitez (he, him, they, them) is a multimedia artist, activist, holds a graphic communications bachelor of art from Baruch College-CUNY, and is currently pursuing a master in media studies from The New School University. His work spans from participatory art, video installations, photography, and silkscreen printing, that explores the intersectionality of identity and struggles in movement spaces. He is well known for being a core member of Mobile Print Power (MPP), a political silk screen printing collective, and for being a member-leader at Centro Corona. Majority of his works are created through a participatory or collaborative process based on the political principle of believing in the power of collaborative and collective work in movement spaces.

IG: @jocoseben