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How Was Your Day?

Tiffany Huang


Huang’s animation How Was Your Day? follows a health worker’s pandemic days, both offline and online. Huang examines the difficulty of unmasking after long periods of hiding yourself, both physically and emotionally. The woman we follow can no longer connect with her friends through the stories of everyday happenings, having lost both life and likeness in her daily work. The title of So How Was Your Day? is a question that asks us all to tell an improvised story of ourselves on a daily basis. In an attempt to maintain connections, we are repeatedly building mirror worlds in our minds, being asked to relive, analyze, and summarize our experiences on the fly. Similar to how we cannot directly share our experiences, but only a basic approximation, we cannot give ourselves to others—we show them the best approximation we can muster. For many people, the effort to muster this approximation increases online. With fewer physical cues and tools to communicate, the pressure is fully on our minds to pass on information. As the pressure grows, our connections distort along with our projected self, leaving our truest self adrift and alone.

Artist Bio

A Brooklyn native, Tiffany is interested in too many artsy hobbies but never has enough time to pursue them all. From baking to crocheting to journaling, she aspires to live her best life pursing the hobbies of your favorite doting grandma.