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Divina Galería

Heena Malhotra


Divina Galería by Heena Malhotra is a Unity virtual museum that takes the user on an investigative journey to explore and to play within virtual space. Yearning to go back to the physical spaces of museums again but not being able to due to the global pandemic, Malhotra makes her own virtual museum. Divina Galería challenges our idea of museum space and where art is housed. What does the disembodiment of a museum mean for the art world? Without space as a limitation, we can all make our own personal virtual museums to showcase our art. Divina Galería is Malhotra’s personal museum, featuring her artworks, interactive installations, animations, sound visualizers, and room color change triggers. Malhotra subverts the usual function of traditional art museums through her use of virtual space, allowing Divina Galería to be an exhibition within an exhibition.

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windows / mac / linux downloads available

Artist Bio

Heena Malhotra is an interdisciplinary artist and game design student working towards creating digital interactions and experiences through her games and net art. She is interested in learning how digital spaces today provide room for social interactions that span from chatting with friends to playing horror games in virtual reality. With Divina Galería, she is hoping to make the idea of visiting museums more inclusive and open.