The Last Goodbye

by Amy Zhang

Artist Statement

Amy Zhang, a multimedia artist born and raised in New York, shares her story of how design stumbled into her life. Growing up with traditional immigrant parents, there were really only two choices when it came to a career: doctor or lawyer. Being tied down to these limitations pushed Zhang to further explore other opportunities. She decided to take a leap of faith in college and switched from Marketing to Graphic Design, a new and exciting career. It wasn’t until Zhang became a creative herself when she understood the power of designs and creatives. The beauty and voice that design holds are what drew her in. Zhang wants to do her part in what she believes in: making changes and shedding light on issues such as immigration, personal identity, and self-growth. She primarily works with print and game design. She incorporates her personal story and experiences into her work and it can be seen in her latest work; a game called The Last Goodbye.

Project Statement

The Last Goodbye is a 3D video game created by Amy Zhang that bridges the lost connection between an immigrant parent and child. The game highlights the personal and emotional experience of a first-generation immigrant person leaving behind all they've ever known in search of a new life in the so-called "promised land". This land offers life-changing opportunities and comfort— but at the cost of what?

In Zhang's three-dimensional world, the player is riding a rollercoaster of emotions as they advance further into the game. As the game progresses, a better life emerges while losing their identity along the way. With each advancement, the player loses a part of themselves that can never be retrieved. In this world, the player is faced with a bitter part of reality that isn’t talked about enough in the real world.

Through this game, Zhang hopes to help immigrant children understand the sacrifice their parents had to make to provide them with the life they’re living. Oftentimes, immigrant children are bitter and sometimes resent their parents for putting so much pressure on them to succeed but through this experience, Zhang hopes to shed some light on the real and raw experiences of their immigrant parents.