The Family Attic

by Austin Introna

Artist Statement

My name is Austin Introna, I’m a half Italian/half Malaysian kid raised in New York. For the last four years, I primarily use graphic design and interactive to talk about family, the role of marketing in new media, and gameplay. My work is heavily influenced by video games and there are certain themes like family and culture that I try and feature throughout my portfolio. Growing up in a half Italian half Malaysian household, the members of my large family tree are all unique and have had some kind of impact on me and my life. Having family members from both sides of my family, it’s made me more comfortable being different from everyone else and it’s definitely made me more open to trying new things. Experiencing both cultures has definitely shaped who I am today.

Project Statement

“The Family Attic” is an assortment of different pixelated items representing members of my family and a brief narrative of their favorite story within the family. Each pixelated object represents a metaphor of what they mean to me and their role within the family. After taking a considerable amount of time to come up with a single object to represent each and every person in my family, the overall picture should depict a very cluttered attic. The nostalgia of the attic evokes various memories and experiences with my family. You’ll notice that every object has its own signature animation after you click on it, which is a callback to those old flash games I played as a kid.