by Linda Qibing Li

Artist Statement

Linda Qibing Li is born in Guangdong, China, and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is a first-generation immigrant. She adapts quickly to new environments; she navigates between cultures with understanding and appreciation as she assimilates to new life in America. Her work talks about one’s collective and personal struggles and obstacles in the 21st century. These struggles include feeling lost and overwhelmed with stress. Linda uses animation and sounds to explore themes relating to self and nature.

Project Statement

Even the most charismatic people experience days where they are feeling lost and feeling emptiness in life. Amid COVID-19, people are experiencing some loss and loneliness through social distancing and various activities. We all have these feelings from time to time. These feelings are personal, so everyone’s experience will be different. Having these feelings can harm one’s mental health, especially if these feelings have lasted for a long time. “Lost” is an animation work created by Linda Qibing Li. In the animation “Lost”, the negative feelings are illustrated as balloons. Balloons are known to symbolize the act of letting go or holding on. In this case, balloons are represented as negative emotions and feelings. Ballon’s will be popped through the healing process, and the character is detaching the balloons and moving on in life. As human beings, we tend to experience negative feelings from time to time; I feel it is essential to release all these feelings and move forward in life.