by Daraliz Matos

Artist Statement

Daraliz Matos is a new media artist, based in New York. I use video, appropriated images, and sound composition to tell my personal history and struggle, experiencing a world where I was unable to express myself through my voice. When it comes to inspiration, I never know what to do. I always draw out what I'm thinking and plan out how to do it. There's always someone in the background whispering in my ear to do it another way than the way I try to do it. It started when I was young, not able to speak, and my family often made all the choices in my life for me, this control that others have over me, still continues. One thing that allows me to express myself fully, is creating something that is my own which takes on various forms of new media works.

Project Statement

Daraliz Matos's HYPNOSIS is an AMV (anime music video) representing the struggles in her life due to her inability to speak until age 7. This work is made in collaboration with her little brother Aaron Franco. This will have a compilation of some of her favorite animes which are Zombieland Saga, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Revengers, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Akudama Drive. All animes have a specific main character that has a turning point that impacts their life that determines their new course of living, whether they are willing to follow that or take a new route. This compilation will have original sounds and lyrics created by Daraliz Matos and Aaron Franco .The theme of the music that will be playing will be telling the story of someone willing to follow their life by picking choices that are presented in their daily obstacles to where they finally achieve it.