24 hours

by Sally Zhang

Artist Statement

Sally Zhang is a self-taught photographer based in NYC. She enjoys making art out of existing art, that includes portrait, nature, and architecture photography. Sally believes photos aren’t just about the final product but how the photos make you feel. For her, photography is a form of therapy that gives her a sense of purpose and control. She captures images from nature, once in a lifetime moments, so she can share them with people. Sally is interested in abstraction in nature and architecture, the variety in colors and compositions. Her new media art works are about her identity and her deep interest in traveling and exploring this place we call home. Like all art, the beauty in photography is being able to carry emotions. The hardest part is finding the right frame to capture those emotions. Sally finds it better to create work to express who she is than explaining it in words and hopes to inspire others to explore more and care for the vulnerable nature.

Project Statement

As soon as the pandemic started, my daily routine fell apart. Time wasn’t something I considered as a guideline for a while. It took some time to get back on track, but it never got back to what it used to be. Now, I have this never-ending routine that I found myself in. My day to day is my everyday. Everything that I reach for one day will be picked up again the following day. Once the product is about to be out, I buy another one to make sure I don’t miss a day. The different food I get to eat might be the only thing that is keeping me sane. If this routine is driving me insane, why don’t I just change it? I wish it was that easy, for now this will do.With being home everyday, I’m forced to consider all of the consumption that has taken place during this time. I see my daily use and consumption as a whole. A while back, packages start to pile up in my backyard and I’m drowning in this consumption. How will I snap out of it? This will help me be more conscious about my purchase behavior and continuous routine.