Yukie Wong uses the medium of video to explore the "human bubble" and the perspective that humans unconsciously form as a result of living in a modern age of technology. Inspired by the city she grew up in, Wong, in her daily routine, has become accustomed to blocking out the people, objects, and noise around her. AvertReality explores this human bubble that we form, partly created due to the interference of today’s digital era. Wong explores the current technological phenomena of “blocking” on social media, this series of footage examines modern society in regards to the unanticipated consequences of technology. Wong’s perspective focuses on the technological aspect, and how it has created this uncanny, blurred distinction between actual reality and virtual reality. She experiments with abstract layers in her three-minute video which includes frame by frame layers of undefined, anonymous silhouettes. The bubble creates an element of anonymity with only the surroundings deemed visible.